Monday, October 31, 2011

Take a step towards clean and greener environment by reducing carbon

Global warming has turned into a very significant issue that is leading to the hazard of environmental health. Carbon dioxide is a major greenhouse gas, the emission of which increases environment pollution rapidly bringing our normal life on the brink of great danger.

Carbon offset is a mandatory and compensatory step taken by major organizations and individuals to reduce the emission level of both carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases like methane, nitrous oxide that damage the environmental health drastically. One carbon offset leads to the reduction of approximately one metric ton carbon dioxide or its equivalent in other greenhouse gases thus enabling us to control our carbon footprint. Carbon offset is cheaper and more convenient alternatives to reducing one’s own fossil-fuel consumption. Carbon offset markets are sanctioned and legalised by the Kyoto Protocol.
Carbon offset
is generally achieved through financial support of projects that help reduce the emission of greenhouse gases either in short term or in long term basis. The projects are of varied nature. Renewable energy projects such as wind farms, biomass energy, hydroelectric dams, and plantation of trees in large land areas happen to be the most popular and effective Carbon offset projects in reducing the large amount of emission of the greenhouse gases and on the way of making the world a cleaner, greener and healthier place to be inhabited.

Carbon neutral flights
are an idea by which air traveller can take count of the flights he has taken and how much pollution he himself has generated by taking the flights. The air traveller can opt for carbon neutral flights to make up for some of the environmental damage done by his air journey. What he can do is to buy a certificate or can share in a project that aims to reduce emission by that same damage amount he has made. Purchasing Carbon offset happens to be a very positive step and a number of airlines have initiated this effort that includes carbon offset in the ticket price itself.

A carbon calculator takes count of the carbons that we as individuals produce through all our activities. It generally determines our carbon emission for an entire year. Maximum amount of carbon emission done by us happens to be in the form of burning fossil-fuels. Carbon calculator makes us more sensitive towards the environment by making us reduce our carbon footprint.

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